Time Fences

What’s missing in the previous ‘Vector’ discussion is the element of time ‘as a relationship‘ with the past. Fortunately, the previous picture is merely incomplete, as the fVectors of the momentum wave provide a means for remedying this. Not only just a means, but through observation one will come to recognize that this is the ‘causational‘ means for remedying this.

Consider again the same two cycles. This pic will include the prior cycle also and the tool I’m using here has been adjusted to show the fVector ending at the mid-cycle 13 count (ie 26/2), the .5 timing point of the wave, trough to crest.

Now picture that there is a ‘Time’ vector that runs from fVector to fVector to fVector, etc., just like a fence. In fact, I prefer to think of this as a ‘Time Fence’ instead of a vector.

So the Tm13 fence looks like this.

And when a Time Fence is reversed, which occurred with the ‘Free Radical‘ bar (circled yellow), ‘Directional Bias’ (dBias) is reversed to the upside . . . momentum is now to the upside, and a momentum move is likely at time (count). Best entry for a long is a low close as near as possible to the reversal risk level, and preferably as close as possible to a Phi time component. Which in this case would be 13.

Now . . . observation over time will facilitate the trader’s understanding of the power of this structure. That . . . and also logic will help. For instance . . . it should make sense (or be logical) that midpoint is a powerful component in vibration, as demonstrated above. Additionally, one could also surmise that .666 of the cycle should be significant. [.666 * 26 = 17]

The trough Tm17 fence shown above is my ‘bread n butter’ momentum trading fence. ‘Free Radical’ bars changing the dBias (based on this fence) are circled.                                              [. . . Next]