Square of 9

In practice one will observe that while the wave form of price vibration is pretty consistent in its length of 26, what is of interest is that wave divergences from 26 will predominantly fall in the 270* to 360* quadrant of the “Square of 9“. Specifically in the 180* (or 2nd) wrap as shown below.

So price vibration over time yields a price/time ‘momentum’ wave. The discriminating factors are:

  1. (1) Price Square Range
  2. (2) Price Square Factor

Using a ‘Square of 9’ formulation and applying ‘price square factors’ of +/- 90 to 360* produces consistent cycle duration (wavelength) of 26 bars. Certainly it is non-linear, which is beautiful, but on average . . . 26 bars.                                                                                              [. . . Next]