Wave Dynamics

In the late fall of 2011 I was working on the self-propagating nature of the momentum wave. I well understood the shock-points of the wave, ie ‘Crest/Trough’ (the Above and Below of Time), and Friction (Natural Law) . . . but thinking in terms of both Law of Three and Duality, it seemed to me that there should be some other underlying mechanism at play.

Who knows how things like this happen but somehow I started pursuing ‘Look-Aheads’. Wave look-aheads from both a Momentum factor and a Time factor equation . . . and then studying the resulting differential and its vectoring implications. After fiddling with this, it was finally discovered that formulating the momentum look-ahead as the ‘Square Root of 5’ . . . provided a big AHA moment! One could say . . . an AHA! moment with momentum!

The Square Root of 5 is the hypotenuse leg of the 3-4-5 Pythagorean Theorem Triangle, appears in the fractional expression for the golden ratio, and then naturally figures in the closed form expression for the Fibonacci number sequence.

And thus . . . the momentum shock-points of the Momentum Wave were revealed.

Short video below demonstrates ‘momentum look-ahead’ in the wave:

  • Momentum Look-Ahead (showing both Trough and Crest shock-points)

(Alternate YouTube Viewing)