Fib Fences

In the same way that Time Fences provide a clear Time relationship with prior cycle Friction . . . Fib Fences allow us to see price’s vibration in the current Fib structure ‘in relationship to’ Fib Levels of the past. Consequently, and because of the strong Fib_8 targeting component (magnet) of the Fib structure itself, certain Fib Fences invoke meaningful momentum relative to both price’s crossing of and price’s relationship to, ie Above/Below.

Quite simply . . . Fib17_21 (that’s Price_17/Time_21) and Fib21_21 are significant Fib Fence Proof-Point Time levels that give clarity to both Trade Direction (momentum) and Trade Entry (reward/risk).

Review the ‘Fib Price Levels’ (in the wave) video one more time . . . now with key Fib Fences 17_21 (cyan line), and 21_21 (dark cyan dots) revealing their directionally biased significance.

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