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Getting started with anything new is always difficult. Success with understanding must be built one step at a time. Follow the concepts outlined in each section of the Help & Study Guide (top to bottom) to build both knowledge and comprehension. When you are ready, download and install the cycle tool trials that speak to you, and set up the sample charts as instructed. Confidence will only come as you observe market vibration at work each day and apply the knowledge you’ve gained through study.

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Momentum Tape Readers are the culmination of 18 years of trading and research; including 8 years of programming, 6 years of mentoring, 3 intense years of changing everything to reflect 'wave based' directional bias and now compiling it all into the Help & Study Guide format. I can finely say . . . my journey is complete. I hope you enjoy the read . . . and more importantly . . . profit from the experience. Best to all, Dox.