Price Square Range‘_Range of price bar (in ticks) squared. Example: range of price bar = 10 ticks, square = 100

Price Square Factor‘_Range in degrees above/below the price square range of the chart. Example: Range of chart = 10, 270* above is 13. (Note: 270* = a square root factor of 3 and is a key component in vibrational analysis)

SwtSptZn‘_Sweet Spot Zone_The point in the damping wave where momentum 1st drops below 1 and then continues dropping down to the horizontal level of the damping wave factor (ie the .5 level of the wave in most cases). Generally speaking this is a natural law repetitive process of .9 momentum followed by .707, .666, .618, .583, and .5.

Threshold‘_The point at which a stimulus is of sufficient intensity to begin to produce an effect. Synonym: [verge] . . . transitional interval beyond which some new action or different state is likely to begin.

Free Radical‘_A price bar whose tail is beyond the relevant sup/res component,  (ie Time Fence, Sacred Cut, LHHL level, etc), with the close of the bar at the extreme away from the component being crossed over. TmFn example: with negative dBias, a free radical bar would have the lo of the bar above the TmFn and a high close of the bar.


About Dox

I have been studying ‘Gnomonic Growth’ for as long as I have been trading. It would probably be true that the mathematical allure of this phenomena was the initial force garnering my attention, taunting my faculties, relentlessly teasing my puzzle solving ilk. This mesmerizing secret of nature, this beautiful secret of all things, turning me into a student of Vibration, a student of Phi, a student of gNomonics . . . Momentum Tape Readers are the culmination of 18 years of trading and research; including 8 years of programming, 6 years of mentoring, 3 intense years of changing everything to reflect 'wave based' directional bias and now compiling it all into the Help & Study Guide format. I can finely say . . . my journey is complete. I hope you enjoy the read . . . and more importantly . . . profit from the experience. Best to all, Dox.